Tiberias Initiatives for Children

Child in family

Welcome to TIC

Solidarity for improving rights of the Child                                                     

Dear friend, let's share our bread to improve their lives. Lots of children are crying and expect consolations. They live with disabilities, they do not eat enough, they are ill, ... People of good will like you cannot wait  till they will have more than they need for helping them. Just a little you can may save lots of lives. Together we can do more.


Don't forget: "there is much more fruit  in rich man's shampoo than in the poor child's plate." We should think about it.                                                     


Rev. Fr. Bernadine

Our Mission

 In Partnership with families and community, according to the Rwandan and international laws and policies, we improve good health, education and development of disadvantaged children and their families.

Our Domains of intervention

Health: Life is the first investment and the most important gift that we have from God.

Education:Every child is good at his birth, it is the society which corrupts him”, Said Jean Jacques Rousseau. 

Development:Development is another name of peace”, wrote the Pope Paul VI in Populorum Progressio (People’s progress). 

Our ambition

To be the leading organization in Rwanda and in the East African Community in promoting innovative Initiatives in Education, health care and development of disadvantaged children.

Our Vision

A community where every child is cared for and loved by his parents or tutors.  A society where any parent is limited by poverty in caring for his child. A world where every child, any where he is,  enjoys completely its rights.

Our Philosophy

Jesus fed 5000 people with only 5 pieces of bread and two fishes brought by one young boy on the Shore of Tiberias Lake. Today, we believe, is our time to perform such miracles.  “All children are children of all” (Samputu, a Rwandan musician).